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Christmas card - mistletoe


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High-quality scratch cards on premium paper with a matt finish!

♡ Are you still looking for a Christmas present for your loved ones? Or would you like to fill the advent calendar with a sweet message?

♡ Give away special moments of happiness with our scratch cards!

♡ Note a special gift or a message on the card and stick the golden scratch off heart over it.

♡ On the back you will find space for love words ..

♡ Give your loved ones a magical, personalized gift that they will never forget!

TIP: Due to the matt finish on the front and back, we recommend that you do not write on the card with a ballpoint pen but with a waterproof / permanent pen :)
This is how you get a particularly classy scratch card for the people you love!

Product information: Please note that the decoration shown is not included in the scope of delivery. The card is in postcard format Din A6 and consists of 350g / m2 design paper.
It is designed and printed with a lot of love in Germany.

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